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New York Likely To Legalize Marijuana Soon

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Laws on marijuana

The New York Police Department has taken steps to avoid unwanted low-level marijuana possession arrests, which is supposed to decline by 20% by the end of this year. The police officials say that enforcement of marijuana laws is supporting the drug, which can be fatal to users.

However, reports say that New York marijuana laws are likely to be enacted soon, which would regulate the use and sales of pot, and tax the substance. Following the lead of more than a dozen states in the US, New York State Senator Liz Kruger is well set to legalize marijuana in the state. Kruger addressed in a gathering at the Upper East Side, and said, “As a New York state senator, I intend to implement effective laws on marijuana soon, which would decriminalize, control and tax the drug in New York.”

Reports say that Senator Kruger also disclosed a plan of his bill, “Marijuana Regulation, and Taxation Act.” The proposed bill, to set effective New York marijuana laws, includes measures to allow pot cultivation, weed sales regulations, and tax rates. Under the bill, adult residents of New York would be permitted to grow marijuana at home up to a maximum of six plants per person. Users can buy and sell marijuana just like alcohol, and the New York State Liquor Authority would monitor the pot sales.

Strict rules would restrict driving under the influence of cannabis, and pot would be taxed heavily, around $50 per ounce. The bill also proposes to use the revenue from pot sales efficiently; 80 percent would go to the state, while the rest would go for drug abuse, criminal re-entry and job training programs.


       Marijuana laws in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who supports decriminalizing small amounts of pot, endorsed the proposal of Senator Kruger, and the bill has gained huge support from the public. However, implementing the proposed laws, and legalizing pot in New York would be a hard nut to crack, as the federal laws are still against the substance.

Panelist Julie Holland, a psychiatrist, and author of ‘The Pot Book’ said that people should stand up and say that “I am a C.P.A. and I pay my taxes, I vote, and I am a marijuana smoker.” “In the same way that Harvey Milk felt strongly that if you want rights then you have to stand up and say that you want your rights; and that you are gay and you want your rights, and I think it is the same way with pot smokers,” she added.

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