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Indoor Growing Tips For Marijuana

How to grow marijuana indoors for beginners

                Grow marijuana indoors

There are different ways of growing cannabis indoors. People adopt a whole variety of methods to grow cannabis at home. Also there are special varieties of the cannabis plant, which are suitable for growing indoors. Here we will be discussing an easy and effective way to grow cannabis at home.

How to grow marijuana indoors for beginners

Here in this method, you need common CFL bulbs as grow lights, and forgiving coco coir as the growing medium. This is one of the easiest ways to grow cannabis for beginners. After reading this article, you will come to know that growing weed is never that hard.

This method is usually recommended for people who need only a few ounces of weed a month. This is also best for those who want a super cheap, super easy-to-grow style. Those who have tried this growing method were never disappointed, as even a complete beginner could easily get 6.2 ounces of dried buds off his first cannabis plant. As a safe bet, a beginner should get at least 1-4 ounces of dried buds on an average, by simply following the instructions.

How much can you expect to harvest from a mature cannabis plant that you grow indoors? If things don’t go wrong, you could expect from a minimum of 1 ounce/plant, up to about 8 ounces/plant. However, it is good to keep in mind that this method is not suitable for everyone. Though it gives you better results in yield, it is not suitable for a large grow. Also this method requires you regular attention.

Mature cannabis plant

                Growing tips for marijuana

In this indoor growing method, you will be using a soil-less medium called Coconut Coir (often called coco coir), which is a natural fiber made from the husk of coconuts. Coco coir is found to stimulate the natural growth of plant roots, and hence is ideal for growing marijuana indoors. You need to hand-water these plants when they get dry. Make sure you include all the needed nutrients in the water to ensure healthy growth of marijuana plant. For lighting, you need CFL bulbs, which consume only less energy and produce as much heat compared to other grow lights. As CFLs have short light range (8 inch max), you need to grow your plant wide, instead of tall. Try to keep your plants shorter than 3-4 feet.

That was some information on how to grow marijuana indoors for beginners. Use these tips to grow yourself a decent plant.

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