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Growing Medical Marijuana In Canada

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          Using marijuana for treatment

In Canada, the medical use of marijuana is legal. This has been the case for many years. Many marijuana refugees from the United States migrated to Canada to be able to use medical marijuana for their treatment. The medical marijuana law in Canada allows the growing, distribution and use of marijuana for medical purposes.

So, how do you grow marijuana in Canada for medical purposes? The marijuana law contains many provisions that stipulates who can grow and use marijuana. The medical marijuana programme in Canada falls under the authority of Health Canada.

How do you grow marijuana legally?

You can grow marijuana at home after getting the approval and a licence from the Health Canada. You need to have at least one patient who requires medical marijuana to start your marijuana production. The patient should also be a Health Canada-approved medical marijuana user. Each marijuana grower can supply cannabis to at least two persons from his marijuana farm.

The maximum number of marijuana patients permitted per marijuana farm is four. In other words, if the marijuana farm is a joint endeavour of three persons, they should not supply the drug for six patients, but four. This is the legal limit set for each farm or address involved in the production.

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                Medical marijuana reforms

You can grow any number of plants to meet the daily requirements of your patients. For example, at least five cannabis plants are required for supplying a regular dose of one gram of marijuana to the patient. Similarly, you will need about 10 plants for a supply of two grams per days and 15 plants for 3 grams and so on.

The total number of patients for the farm, their daily requirements, the yield from the plants, etc will decide the number of plants for your farm. An outdoor marijuana farm usually gives more yield than an indoor farm. Therefore, you can meet the supply with a lesser number of plants if you are growing it outdoors.

However, growing marijuana indoors is the better option when it comes to meeting the safety and security requirements to get the licence. Your farm should be protected with strong doors, alarm systems, fencing, etc. In addition, the location of the marijuana farm should not be too close to a school or a park.

If you meet all these requirements, you can start a medical marijuana farm to meet the needs of the patients assigned to you.

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